Life As I See It
By John B. Ward
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John Ward

april 18th
We started well, JC timed in 6th out of 21 cars his second best time in hobbys IN THE OLD t-BIRD. I timed in 7th in the Maverick with my best time in hobbys. During the main the throttle stuck on JC he went off the track at turn three did all he could to stop the car but hit the new retaining wall moving in a foot or so damaging the car beyond repair and breaking a bone in his right foot and other bumps and bruises. I was still running my engine that was built three years ago and it started to smoke and make noises so I too was out of the race. We are tied for 13th in the point standings out of 21 cars not too bad considering. But we will miss the next race May 2nd but plan on making it back out with my car on the 16th. JC is still building his new car and will be out at least 6 weeks with his foot but he should be back in july.

Aug. 9th 2014
Hot day filled with things. We went out early to make sure we got a good place to pit. We changed the fuel pump on the Maverick, thinking that maybe it was an issue, we changed the coil thinking that it was an issue, we changed the electrical box because that was an issue. All of this made no difference there was still a problem during the main. The T-bird was pretty good the belt stayed on all night long and JC was able to finish his first main event in two years.I am buying new electrical gear and will have it by the next race on the 23rd. I did what amounted to a start and park in the main but both JC and I qualified for the B-dash we did not win but it was fun to get our names and sponsors announced.

July 26th 2014
This time the weather was a lot cooler, but still plenty warm. JC was 6th fast out of 17 cars I was 13th. My car was pushing real bad I was thinking it was me trying too hard but after the heat we added about four gallons of fuel and changed the fight front tire due to a flat suffered in the heat. The car seemed to be much better for about 5 laps then in would not respond to the gas pedal while in the corners and would only rev to 5800 down the straightaways before entering the corners. I believe it is an electrical issue. JC was running 4th when the fan belt came off, he of course came off the track. We are going to try a pulley and belt combination from an engine that has never lost a belt. Next race August 9th.

June 12th 2014
It was one hot mama at the track, we arrived early to make sure we got the desired pit slab. We were running on the same show as the NASCAR K-N Series as one of the back up shows alsoo the Stateline Late Models were there as well. JC decided it was to hot and the extreme heat may cause unnecessary wear on the T-bird so he did not run. I was 13th out of 17 cars timing in, I finished 7th in the main my first top ten in a long time.There was a fuel issue that we will have to look into other than that we are good to go. We race again on the 26th.

Nice day to race, with the 289 in the T-bird and a good working carburater JC went 15.98 in timing in which is the fastest hes ever timed in Hobbys. He was 5th out of 14 cars. I was very much in control of the Maverick but only got a 16.33 a little slower than last time but 7th out of 14 cars. JC kept losing the fan belt so he did not run the main, I developed a miss in the corners which would not stop and retired from the main in 12th. Next race on the 12th of July we will be with the NASCAR K-N West series cars. Should be a good night.

JUNE 7TH 2014
We tried to find the oil leak we fix some times but it was still there when JC drove the T-bird. So the car was black flagged after a few laps. The Maverick was really good I timed 16.27 which was 9th out of 16 cars. But I was way out to lunch when it came time to race against other cars, I could not turn in the second grove like I wanted to it pushed very badly. I will try to borrow Robby's scales between now and the next race which is the 21st. We have a few more places to check on the T-bird or we might change engines.

may 17th 2014
We changed engines in the Maverick but when we were moving it out of the shop on Thursday something broke in the clutch. With no time to fix it we only took the T-bird to the track, we still had an oil leak problem which only shows up while on the track under power. It may be internal but we will try to eliminate all other possibilities first. We have two weeks to fix the cars as the next race is June 7th.

may 10TH 1014
After reworking the 289 we still had trouble with it on the track. I believe the fuel pump is to blame but we also developed smoke from the exhaust pipes. We changed engines for this week and will research the 289 next week. My nephew Arthur Ward is going to co-drive the T-bird with JC, his first race meet was not great. the car has an oil leak which we could not find he was black flagged all night but he did get experience which he will need this week. We believe the front crankshaft seal is the culprit. Next race the 17th.

Sep.7th 2013
We had good weather to start with but it clouded over and began to rain during the trophy dashes. The soft plug stayed in and my car was not slowest, so not a bad practice. Our last race is the 21st.

Aug. 24th 2013
Again great weather, JC lost the soft plug again during practice we put in one that lasted until during the main then it came out also. We believe it is the fan belt causing the engine to get hot and to build up to much pressure. In my car we found the boss that holds the fan onto the water pump had slid forward causing the belt to become miss aligned and to come off. We fixed that and I finished 13th out of 17 cars which moved me into 29th place overall. We have two races left in September the first week and two weeks later.

Life As I See It
By John B. Ward
To get a copy, you can contact John through the Contact page on the website.