JC Ward

june 22, 2013
hobby car update. blew the motor while pacticing.

june 15, 2013
the street stock was running geat. there was no miss in the engine and i had lots of power, however the became an issue with the oil lines and i did not even get to time it in

june 8th
i tried to run the hobby car on the 18th of may but had issues with a miss in the motor.
i adjusted the valves in the off weeks in hopes that it would fix it. it did not.
during hotlaps i found out that the miss was still there and tried a different ignition box for timming in. that one was worse then the first was so i did not even make the warm up lap before i went to the pits and changed it back to the first box. all of a sudden the miss was gone and the car had lots of power, however the speed was still not there. was started me heat race on hte front row and won. i started the main on the front row and led the first 8 laps when a caution came out and under that caution i ran over some debris and it punctured my right front tire. i did not make any more laps.

April 13, 2013
it was super cold and the track would not take in any rubber.
that turned out to be a good thing because my new car was not running right with the old engine. there is something wrong with the valve train and we have two months to figure it out.
on the bright side the car did hanle better than i thought it would so it should not take much to get as fast as the other cars. with a poorly running engine i was only a half second off of fast time.

july 13 2011
it was another hot day and i decided not to do any hotlaps because there is not much we can do to the car and it makes less wear and tear on the equipment. i time in fifth finished foruth in the heat and fifth in the main. with one more race to go i can't wait for next year when i should have new tires to play with.

july 30, 2011
it was another hot day and the track was a mess from the heat and a drifting compition th enight before. with different tires on the car, not by my choice, it was extremly loose from the center of the corner untill the middle of the stightaway. because it was almost the end of the season we asked for any used tires anyone would give us. we got very old tires and that is why the car is so loose. timed in fifth fast out of six cars that took time, another car arrived to late to time in. finished the night sixth in both the heat and the main.

july 2 2011
we found out before leaving the house that the street stocks are now using a smaller tire for the rest of the year. with no money to buy new tires and no time to mount them on the right wheels they let me run anyway. The car was its normal self and i timed in fourth out of five. i finished fourth in the heat race and then we made an adjustment to see if it would help. it did not. i finished fifth in the main. the next time i race will be on the 30th. the track tech man said he would do the best he could to help us get on the right tires. if not they should still let me race because of the low car count and the fact that i am one of the slowest cars.

May 28th 2011
The weather was good enough to race, so we did. I hotlapped the car and found that bthere was an adjustment that could be made. I hotlapped again and found that the car was one tenth of a sencond quicker. I timed in fifth fast again, finished fith in the heat race, and the main. We are learning what needs to be done to make the car faster.

May 14th 2011
It was a windy day and the car was still not right. I timed in fifth fast held onto fourth in the heat and fisihed fifth in the main. We now have a better idea on what is wrong with the car after talking to a few different people and will attempt to fix it for th enext race.

May 15, 2010
we were late getting out to the track due to the fact that while i was loading the car the left main leaf spring broke. since we don't have any here we had to call my cousin/crew chief and have him bring one over. while waitong for him we found out that we had over-charged and so we had to change that out as well.
when we finally got to the track we had just enough time to hotlap twice and take some pictures of the car. the car handled a little better and i timed in 5th out of nine cars. in the heat race i went in turn one to hard, pushed up the track, and fell to the rear of the field. shortly after that a rookie driver spun his car and i got collected in the incident.
The car was not hurt at all but i made the same mistake in the main and pushed up the track again. this time however there was no cautions and i was able to pass a few cars to finish 4th. it is the best i have finished so far. the car is getting better and i am getting more used to how it feels. with four races to go i feel that we can do better.

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